Feb 202012

So finally I’ve decided to give Mac a try. I’ve replaced my loud Dell XPS15 i7 with MacBook Air 11” i5. I really enjoy the silence of SDD and most of the time passive cooling. But… MAC is missing some of very useful PC keys like DEL, PgDn, PgUp etc. especially if you work remotely on Windows / Unix machines.

Here my Findings:
OS X Terminal

  • Page Up key – Shift+Fn+Arrow Up key
  • Page Down key – Shift+Fn+Arrown Down key
  • Home key – Shift+Fn+Arrow Left key
  • End key – Shift+Fn+Arrow Right key
  • DEL key – Fn+Backspace key
  • Insert key (Selecting files in Midnight Commander) – alternative: Ctrl+t key

Remote Desktop / VNC / Screen Sharing

  • Page Up key – Fn+Arrow Up key
  • Page Down key – Fn+Arrown Down key
  • Home key – Fn+Arrow Left key
  • End key – Fn+Arrow Right key
  • DEL key – Fn+Backspace key

have fun.

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